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Your immune system can be vulnerable when travelling abroad, as it encounters viruses and bacteria that it’s never been exposed to before. Food and water hygiene is not always as stringent as it is in the UK, and biting insects can carry disease, so you need to be vigilant and know what to look out for to avoid problems.

Have a consultation with one of our travel clinic experts and find out what you need to be aware of where you’re travelling and get the right vaccinations and information.


We offer vaccinations for those going abroad on holiday, for work or for study or a gap year. We offer corporate discounts for companies that would like to have their staff protected. As well as the appropriate vaccines for the destination, we can offer tropical disease screening on your return.


Information is the greatest weapon when it comes to protecting yourself. Our experts can give advice on what to avoid and where people most often get caught out (for example, ice, washed salad or toothbrushing water) and give specific advice for various regions and the most common dangers.

Most common tropical illnesses

The most common problems that British people encounter when travelling are unclean food or water, insect bites, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue fever, STDs, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies and Meningitis. Make sure you’re prepared and protected by having a consultation at our travel clinic.

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